Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire financial services for investment planning?

Investment planning comes with its own sets of challenges. Since there are multiple options to choose from, navigating the complex terms and strategies can be hard to maneuver. A financial advisor can guide you along the right path, putting you in charge of your wealth.

I am worried about my children’s college fees. What are my options?

Many individuals are unaware that 529 Plans are specifically designed to aid educational expenses. Also, other options could be a Coverdell, an ABLE account, and even cash value life insurance may be used to cover your children’s tuition fees. We can help compare options and set a plan for the best benefits. Please visit www.savingforcollege.com as a resource for some common questions.

I have decided to sell my business. How can you help?

Deciding to sell your business is painful. However, we can help by smoothening the transition process. We’ll take the time to understand your business model, decode the correct value, and find the perfect buyer without any effort on your part.

Should I wait for retirement to secure annuities?

Every case scenario is different. Annuities can be used for the accumulation stage of life as well as the distribution stage. Understanding your goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation helps us when recommending if an annuity is suitable and, if so, when is the right time to add one to your financial portfolio.

Which investment planning options can you help me with?

Multiple investment options exist, from mutual funds to stock market investment, real estate, and more. Let’s sit together to choose an investment plan that suits your preferences, financial conditions, and goals.

How much does life insurance cost?

Life insurance costs depend on several factors. These include your age, gender, health, and more. If you’re looking for life insurance, please contact us for an initial consultation. In most cases, you can get same-day coverage with no nurse exam necessary.
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