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Tailor-Made Solutions

We understand that no two clients are alike. So, when making recommendations, we customize insurance and financial solutions to fit your specific needs.

Retirement Made Easy

We work towards assisting you in investing your wealth and pursuing maximum benefits for a better future ahead.

Business Exit Planning

We guide you on the right path, strategies, and action plans, transforming the complex business exit planning into a seamless one.

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Welcome to LUNA
Financial Services, LLC

We believe financial freedom comes when people and businesses are properly informed on what financial tools are available to them. We established LUNA Financial Services, LLC keeping this thought in mind. We pursue our goals to guide you step by step to work towards managing the financial goals you are seeking to obtain.

  • We offer clarity to individuals, families, and businesses.
  • We offer confidence that you’re on the right path.
  • We offer an understanding of what can deliver the best results.

Our Insurance & Financial Services Revolve Around Your Requirements


Life Insurance

Life insurance provides the confidence that you and your loved ones’ will have a stable financial future. We can help you customize insurance options that provide the proper coverage necessary, from debts payments to funding future college expenses, paying off mortgage balances, and even supplementing retirement with tax-free income.
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Investment Planning

Looking for a safe and secure way to invest and grow your wealth? Our financial planning expert can help you understand suitable investment options to navigate the complexities of investing strategies.
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If you’re searching for a long-term investment to dilute the risk of outliving your income, we have your back. We’ve partnered with the top annuity providers, keeping your needs in mind while providing maximum benefits and income.
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Mutual Funds

Trying to invest in mutual funds to maximize your wealth? LUNA Financial Services, LLC can become the brains and eyes for you to outline suitable mutual funds aligned with your financial goals.
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College Savings Plans

Our College Savings Plans are the perfect fit for families to manage their educational expenses, whether for college, apprenticeship, or loan payments.
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Business Owners’ Exit Planning

Exiting your business is painful in itself. However, we can help simplify the exit process by helping you evaluate your business, find the right buyer, retain your top talent, and exit on your terms.
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Property and Casualty Insurance

Your property and other valuables need protection to prepare against the unknown. We can help you understand the complexities of Property and Casualty Insurance to garner the best benefits.
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