Life Insurance

Planning to secure your finances tells your loved ones that you care about them. One way to prepare for life’s unknowns is by getting life insurance that provides maximum benefits in your life, too. LUNA Financial Services can equip you with the strategical knowledge to claim a suitable coverage. Over the years, several individuals have claimed personalized insurance options according to their family needs. So, when you approach LUNA Financial Services, LLC, our financial advisor will evaluate your situation with a proven process using mathematical approaches to decode your financial situation. As a result, you can embrace life to the fullest while pursuing your and your family’s dreams.

Investment Planning

Investment planning requires a keen understanding of complex financial terms, strategies, and options. And when you’ve spent a significant part of your life accumulating wealth, it’s only fitting to heed advice from an advisor who has helped many through this process. LUNA Financial Services can be that back support for you to guide you all through the way. Whether you’re undecided between mutual funds, annuities, stock investment, or real estate, you can navigate and plan a course of action according to your unique situation and preferences with our financial guide leading the way.


When it’s about planning for retirement, you have to ascertain several facts. For example, will you outlive your income? Will your children be able to pursue their college dreams? Will you be able to pay off the mortgage? And most of all, will you be able to provide your family with a debt-free future? All these and more can be handled confidently with customized annuities. Now, here’s the big question – which annuity will serve the purpose? Fixed, Variable, or Indexed? Our advisor will help you find personalized solutions. Furthermore, you can access the financial tools to make disciplined decisions and garner customized and tailor-made results.

Mutual Funds

When choosing between options for mutual funds, you can feel overwhelmed by the varying choices. Will it be wise to invest in the stock fund? Or should you be placing your trust in a bond fund? LUNA Financial Services, LLC understands the challenges individuals face while thinking of growing their wealth. That’s why we offer the financial tools, knowledge and formulate strategies to empower our clients. Our research is based on various investment styles, including value, growth, and dividend investing. As a result, you can find one that perfectly suits your financial goals and objectives.

College Savings Plans

Tuition fees are at an all-time high, putting a major concern for parents to fulfill their children’s educational needs. College Savings Plan can help you put aside money for college fees, apprenticeship programs, or loan payments. If you’re unsure which plan to choose from, reaching out to our financial advisor can save you the hassle of doing the legwork yourself. Several clients are now pursuing education in their dream colleges. And you can, too.

Business Owners’ Exit Planning

LUNA Financial Services understands the heart and soul you’ve put into making your business a success for years. So, when it’s time to plan an exit, it should be as smooth as your business operations. That means decoding the right time, opportunity, buyer, and of course, your business value. Moreover, we aim to enable a sturdy cash flow for your retirement plans. Therefore, expect 100% transparency with the customized business exit strategies laid in front of you.

Property and Casualty Insurance

Everything you own, including your property, needs first-hand coverage in the face of a casualty. Property and Casualty Insurance, also known as P&C Insurance, can provide you with the cover you need to ensure protection. Moreover, this type of insurance offers protective cover in two areas: for physical objects, such as your house, car, or valuable personal belongings, and legal liabilities if you are found legally responsible for causing damage to another person or their belongings. LUNA Financial Services can help you in securing a comprehensive insurance. Ultimately, you can lead a peaceful life ahead, sans the fear of casualties holding you back.
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